City Government

Hillsboro is a city of the Second Class and managed through a Mayor/Council form of government. Kansas Statutes generally classify cities of the First, Second and Third Class based on population. Cities of the Second Class fit a population range between 2,500 and 25,000.

The Mayor is the Chief Executive Officer for the City of Hillsboro. It is the Mayor’s job to lead the council and be the supervisor for the City Administrator. As the CEO, the Mayor is responsible for all activities of the City.

The City Council has employed a City Administrator to do the day to day management of the staff. City Administrators are generally professionally trained managers whose responsibility is to take direction from the Mayor and Council and see that policies they develop are carried out.

The City Council meets on the first and third Tuesdays of each month. Together, their function is to act as the Board of Directors of the municipal corporation. Preparing an annual budget and reviewing an audit of expenditures is one of the key duties of the Council.

Elected Officials


Lou Thurston

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Boards and Committees

Planning Commission

The Planning Commission guides the physical layout and development of the City of Hillsboro. To do this work, the Planning Commission uses three documents:

  1. Comprehensive Plan (under review)
  2. Zoning Ordinance (approved by the City Council April 19, 2011)
  3. Subdivision Regulations (approved by the City Council April 19, 2011)

Hillsboro Recreation Commission

The HRC five member board is a cross section of volunteers from Hillsboro dedicated to helping identify programs that offer healthy recreational opportunities for both youth and adults in the community. The board meets monthly, along with the recreation director, to monitor recreation department funds and offer assistance to the recreation department in its quest to provide activities that promote a healthier lifestyle throughout the year.

Convention & Visitor’s Bureau

The purpose of the CVB is to bring people from out of town to Hillsboro, and for there to be enough to do so that they stay overnight. This will be accomplished finding marketing opportunities and providing financial support for events planned by other organizations (promotions committee, arts council, etc.)

Hillsboro Public Library Board

The Hillsboro Public Library Board of Trustees consists of seven members who serve 4-year terms. Members may serve two consecutive terms then must sit out one year before returning as a member. Members are appointed by the Mayor, but the board follows recommendations from the North Central Kansas Library System (NCKLS) and the State Library of Kansas. The board meets on the third Monday of each month at 4:30 pm.

The library board employs a qualified library director and provides continuing education for director and library staff. The board provides optimum work conditions and is aware of federal state and local laws regarding workplace safety. The board determines salary for library staff and works to maintain competitive salaries.

Responsibilities of the board is to make sure the library has adequate funding for cultural, educational, informational and recreational resources in a variety of formats and actively markets these services to the community. The board maintains the library as an information center and provides optimum access to information systems and services through varied formats and through electronic information.

The board identifies the community’s needs for services and then evaluates effectiveness of library to provide these needs.

Zoning Appeals Commission

This Board reviews cases brought by the community for zoning and building issues. Questions of interpretation by the building official are also heard by this Board.

Museums Board

Oversees the historically significant properties owned by the City of Hillsboro (Schaeffler House, Adobe House, Visitor’s Center, Friesen Mill, water tower). The Schaeffler House and the little water tower are on the National Historical Register. For a tour of Hillsboro Museums please call the Hillsboro City Office at 620-947-3162

Housing Authority Board

The Hillsboro Housing Authority is responsible for Grand Oaks Apartments, which is a HUD Public Housing Agency (PHA). The Hillsboro Housing Authority Board is responsible for securing the management of the PHA, and ensuring that operations are undertaken in accordance with the state and federal laws; HUD program requirements; and policies set by the Board. The Board meets monthly to review the Agency’s occupancy rate, financial statements and issues relating to policy.

Salem Home Board

Oversees the care of elderly citizens and those who need short-term care. They share facilities with Hillsboro Community Hospital, but are not part of the hospital organization.

Hillsboro Airport Board

Airport board members are appointed by the mayor. The board meets on a quarterly basis to oversee facilities and activities which take place at the airport. When airport improvements and maintenance issues arise, the board makes recommendations to the city council to remedy the situation.